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Application development

Customer interaction has become much bigger spectrum like mobile, tablet or PC or wearables and giving that very uniform experience has become very prominent. We are here to help building next generation application to give that uniform experience to the customers.

Product engineering

Customer requirements are changing at fast pace, new product and refinements are becoming critical to retain and expand the customers. Product companies are trying design, development, refine the product line by "Glocal" which is critical to connect with the customer.


Stay ahead by this ingenious technology which will help secure, scale and next leap of revelution in the way online transactions are perfomred.

Internet of Things

IoT is just limited by only imagination, think of analyzing the moisture levels in deep mines or monitoring the vitals of patients from miles away. Improving customer experience and increasing the business margins is just one of those things.

Banking and Financial services

We have a decade plus experience in offering technology and consulting services for our banking and financial services.

Health Care

We provide comprehensive services to providers, consumers, underwriters and revenue cycle. Worked on predective modelling, risk analysis and risk management

Mobile development

We understand the Millennials, we understand the business on the go and we have the expertise and experience.


We went through transformations and the opportunities created by each one of these changes, we help you be champion of change management!

Cloud Enablement

Cravings for cloud is common, we help our customers to optimize, scale, manage and simplify the manageability of the application.

Data services

We help you to understand the data, forecast and predict to make you ahead of the curve.